Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The rate at which school fees is going now, I cannot help but to think its the best form of family planning. When you remember the exorbitant school fees you'll  have to pay you will call yourselves to order. The funny thing about these schools is that they all claim to have "high standard", they give tedious assignment to little kids and their parents would end up doing it for them (A way to justify the high school fees, i can't be fooled, na today) They give a 5-6year old an assignment that would require them surf the net, tell me, how many of these kids truly know how to move around the Internet, the parent after a busy day instead of going home to rest ends up racking his/her head on how to go about the assignment.

The one that inform this post is a friend's son's  school, the lil' man is about 3 years old and the boy was given a note home to bring an Ethiopian meal to school that they are teaching them African meals, (tell me how a boy who barely knows how to pronounce his name would know how to pronounce Ethiopian meal let alone remember) when my friend hinted me over the phone  i was like shuo! when dem never finish to eat naija meals (All na to proof "high /international standard" oh) these schools tends to psyche us up to have this kind of feeling that my child(ren) school is of international standard.  There's also this school in my neighbourhood, a friend of mine was asking if i know the school and i  was yes i do and she went on to tell me how they teach the kids German and Spanish and that she really likes the school bla bla.... so i then ask her if she understands any of the two languages so she can continue teaching the kids, she said no i just shook my head.... back to the main gist...   I then asked my friend the type of meal she'll make for her lil' man  (someone you have to pacify before he eats the normal food he's used to) then my friend goes on to say:

My Friend:   Is there any African country wey no dey eat bread?

Me:  the country no dey map

My Friend: Any one wey no dey eat pasta?

Me: None that i know of

My friend : Thanks ore (friend), i have a clue on what to make already. I'll make Indomie garnish with Ugwu, Egg and other things i can think of. Ethiopian meal here we go.

I just scatter laugh over the phone and say "sharp girl".

That takes me back to my growing days, i didn't attend a very "expensive school", my parents had five of us and didn't have to break the bank to send us to good schools and by His Grace my siblings and I are not doing badly in our various world but these days i think School fees is a better family planning oh.

I keep wondering what our education system is turning to, in my days, the best schools you have around are the FGC's, Air force, Command, Navy, State Model Schools to mention a few but  a parent at this age and time would not dream of taking his/her child(ren) to any of these schools because the schools have all became a shadow of what they represented in the past. And to say the least the "very good school" are no where to move close to due to what you'll have to cough out as school fees, the one that made me laugh was this one. i won't mention the name of the school though, application form to signify interest alone is 20k so i leave you to imagine what the school fees itself would be.

Enough of my rumblings jare, all i pray for is that God should bless Me in other to be able send my kids to the best school around not minding the cost because in actually fact "Good Education in itself is not Cheap".


  1. hahaha
    It's my first time here and I love it already!!
    I gbadun your friend's interpretation of the Ethiopian meal joor! lolzzz

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

  2. @Gbemisoke: Glad you like my blog. I pray for the strength to be as consistent as you and a host of others. My friend's interpretation of Ethiopian's meal is quite funny to me too (if she nor do fire bridgade approach like that na Cookery book she for dey look for Ethiopian meal). Thanks for stopping by and following too.

  3. Nice, good schools are hard to find and are not necessarily expensive.

  4. I am so Looooling. Schools should have their priorities straight. It not not a business center they are running. God will help me when I get to that point
    I also thing good education does not have to be expensive.