Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing Thots: Testimony!!!

Amazing Thots: Testimony!!!: "Usually on my way to work every morning, i listen to Inspiration FM 92.3. I love the radio station so much that a day without it seems like ..."


Usually on my way to work every morning, i listen to Inspiration FM 92.3. I love the radio station so much that a day without it seems like there's something wrong. I enjoy the call in programme, where callers will request that Dan Foster calls their loved ones, I also relish where people call in to share their testimony. I was really moved with this particular one and i decided to share on this platform.
There is this woman that the radio presenter (Dan) called this particular morning, and the conversation goes thus:
Dan: Hey! Congratulations on your new baby!

The Woman: (Not sure who the caller is ) Thanks

Dan: U had your first baby at 49.

The Woman:Yes that's correct and who are u?

Dan: I'm Dan Foster, U're on a life radio.

The Woman: (chuckles).OK listening...

Dan: I want u to share your testimony and encourage other women out there.

The Woman: (and she goes thus): like every other woman out there i desire to have a baby i can call my own, but i decided that i wasn't going to have my baby until i get married, i got married at 37, quite late, so having a baby all along was not an issue for me, i had to wait till i get married before i have my baby. After my wedding,  i was expecting to get pregnant but the baby won't come. I had issues in that marriage (she says again that's a story for another day) the marriage was not working, i had to leave, may be God does not want me to have an issue in the marriage. Then this one, My husband and i have been believing God for a baby and we kept waiting on God. Suddenly my period just stopped flowing, i told my husband and we went to see the doctor who after examination said i have reached my MENOPAUSE, and look at me I'm believing God for a baby. The doctor said no cause for alarm that we can still try IVF, we did that, it failed the first time, the second time we had to use somebody else's egg, it failed still. All along my husband kept reassuring me that all is well and i kept telling him as long as God lives that I will have my own baby. I told my husband that i want to have my child before age 50 and he said with God all things are possible.

After a while, i started feeling strange in my body and i told my husband and we decided to go to the hospital, lo and behold after examination and the tests the doctor confirmed that I'm 3 months pregnant, we were astonished. We were very happy and we kept planning for the baby. Then i told God that i wanted a Boy and do not want a Cesarean operation that i want a Natural Delivery. To cut the long story short, God granted my wishes, exactly on Dec 10, 2010 i had my healthy baby boy through natural delivery and we're both fine.
Dan: (In his usual self went gaga) Glory to God, this is great! Glory to God!
The conversation continues...

And for me all along as i was listening, tears of joy was just flowing down my eyes, and i blurted out IT CAN ONLY BE GOD! For a 49 year old woman to conceive after menopause and still have a Supernatural Childbirth Delivery! I say it again IT CAN ONLY BE GOD.
This is to encourage every woman out there seeking for the fruit of the womb, that my God is ABLE, only if U will TRUST Him and be firm in your Faith. He did it in the time past and He will always do it over again.


Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have a brief to write , i'm a lawyer by profession (I can hear So what! Kini big deal) and I've been wondering where to actually start from 'cos i don't have full information of the things i'm to write on. I tried convincing boss yesterday about how unnecessary it is to go ahead with it but he wouldn't hear any of my explanation ( though i think he just needed to justify the "pay" he would be getting from the client). Now I'm faced with the challenges of having to put something reasonable down  even though I'm not in the mood for any serious work.

I decided to talk to a senior colleague to help out but she has successfully confused me the more leaving me hanging in the air and boss needs a draft TODAY! Hmmmmn. I love my job but ain't in the mood for any serious work today, how do i bail out of here.... form sick or what...


I'm sure everyone is familiar with the word, for some of us the word does not really make any meaning anymore 'cos we end up not being faithful/loyal to our resolutions. For me i decided a long time ago i wasn't going to do any more resolution(s) but would try to improve on every aspect of my life that needs improvements.

This year i decided to be more spiritual ( mind you that does not mean I wasn't before oh) i just wanted to be more involved in the things of God than i used to.  So i decided that  my daily devotion is the very first thing i would be doing in the morning when i get to work, so far I've been faithful to it and I've been blessed by so doing but i think its too early to judge myself after all  we're just a few days into the 2nd month of the year. I ask God for Grace to enable me continue in this manner so my heart would be filled with His word  at all times. 

For the very first time since hubby and I got married, we have'nt spent a night apart ( i know u 'll want to now how old the union is, we're still very new in it we are just 16 months old, so e still de shack us!) safe and except when i was at the hospital to have our princess. Now a retreat from hubby's office has decided to take hubby away from home for a few days. (the bed would be boring) Actually, hubby said i could come along if i wanted to and i'll be going to work from there but i'm like do i have to go through that stress since he would be back home soon. Eventually, hubby and i agreed we would spend  the weekend together at the hotel (retreat centre). Really looking forward to that.(*winks*) I've actually missed the times alone with hubby since the arrival of our princess and at the same time, we could not have imagined how boring our lives would be without her. she's a handful. I never see man like hubby before oh, guess what! he was suggesting that i bring princess along when coming on friday and i was like FOR WHAT NOW? the guy said he could not imagine us spending a night together without princess. I was like shuo! na so e dey be?  (Mind u all that was going  on in my head was" what then is the essence of staying out, we can as well spend the weekend at  home and safe some good cash"). I just said ok 'cos I don't want to appear like an uncaring mum. How interesting a weekend outside our home "alone" would be is a gist for another day.

PS: Pardon my inadequacies. i'm a rookie blogger.