Friday, June 24, 2011


I'm not the author of this but when i read it, i consider sharing it so we all could learn a thing or two from it. So enjoy.....

A Couple have been married for 5 years now. They have a 2 year old daughter. Like any couple they have their ups and downs, that's life. One day just after they had a fight over their differences of opinion, the wife went shopping at the local mall, where she bumped into her ex-boyfriend from varsity.

After a chit-chat, she discovered he was doing well for himself in business. They exchanged numbers. From that day on, they started talking daily over the phone. Plans were made to meet, but where, when? That's when the ex-boyfriend came up with a plan that they should meet in Cape Town to spend a week together.

The ex-boyfriend would organize everything; the plane tickets and a nice beach holiday resort for them to enjoy. She would have to lie to her husband, saying she is going to a conference in Cape Town for a week.. Her husband took her to the airport on Sunday evening. 2 hours later she was met in Cape Town by her ex-boyfriend who had arranged a very romantic evening with her.

After the romantic evening they went back to the resort, made love without a condom, of course they have known each other for a very long time. For the next 5 days they had a wonderful time jollying / quad biking, up the mountain in the cable car, swimming and sun bathing etc, wining and dining at the Capes top cafe's and restaurants, something she had rarely done with her husband. They enjoyed everything money could buy, until she left on Saturday afternoon back to Johannesburg They used different flights to avoid being seen together (you know people talk). She was waiting in the airport for her husband to fetch her, when she received a call from her ex-boyfriend, who told her he was HIV-positive and that it was not a co-incidence when they met at the mall.. The reason why he infected her with the disease was because he was jealous of the family she has and the beautiful woman she had become and the fact that he was financially successful but he is not happy because he knows that he is dying.

At that moment she just stood there and froze; thinking about what to do, as it was already too late to take anti-retroviral. She could lay a charge against him; it would only expose her for cheating on her husband. That's when she took a taxi to her best friend's house. She told her friend everything that had happened and ask for advice. The friend advised her to come clean with her husband, tell the truth, she has just lost everything and has nothing more to lose.

She then phoned her husband and explained every thing. To my surprise, the husband picked his wife from her friend's house; he sat down with her and told her how much he loves her and reminded her of the vows he took at church and that it was a terrible mistake she has made, which unfortunately she has to pay for it with her life. He told her that he is never going to leave her, he has forgiven her and will stick by her side no matter what happens.

Now she stays in another bedroom and he shares his bedroom with their daughter. What is currently happening is, the wife is terribly sick and might die at anytime. He told me this because he was asking me for prayer support, because he believes that a group of friends praying together, the stronger the prayer might be.

The other reason was that I should let you all know of such happenings as a warning to anyone contemplating cheating, to weigh up if it's worth it! As I sit and think about this experience, I thought to my self: why him?But I can not seem to come up with an answer. Then there is a lesson here;" You never know what you've got until....

"The morale of the story is? As people, we tend to undermine those who love us for a moment's pleasure (we are never aware when we are loved).We keep on chasing waterfalls rather than sticking to the rivers, where we can swim with ease. To all my brothers and sisters, love the one you are with... ..


  1. So so sad. I would be very quick to condemn the woman & say she was foolish, but who am I to pass judgement?'s easy to cast blame & judge from afar. So true we don't appreciate & value what we have until we lose the way, the husband is a rare gem, not many men will stick their neck out for such a woman.

  2. Uhmmm. The guy must really lover her unconditionally o.

  3. hmmmmm, it is a story right? becox if it's a typical 9ja man, her load for don dey outside & na her papa house she for stay till she dies!

  4. @ the real world: who are we to judge and condemn a fellow being, he who is without a sin should cast the first stone( not necessarily infidelity oh). May God help us all. I quite agree with you, we need to always appreciate and value what we have.Thanks for taking time to read the long story.

    @ Ilola: The man must really be made in heaven oh.(my thots too) Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Ibhade: Not so typical of a 9ja man i quite agree with you. But Oyinbo people fit be like that oh, when i first read the story, i was taken aback say na wetin but when i remember one movie like that "the family that preys" by Tyler Perry. I just concluded by saying na Oyinbo culture be that. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. The husband's love simply reminds me of God's unmeasurable love for us all...
    Lessons are adequately inherent in the story, such a pitiable one for the woman...

  6. hmmmm..
    Her husband's love is proof that love is a decision, not an emotion... That kind of love is rare oh!

  7. @ Adeteju: Your constant approach to life from the scripture continues to remind me of my love work with God. I know i'm a work in progress and shall get there soon. Thanks for being a friend.

    @ Gbemisoke: Spot on sis, Love is a decison, not an emotion.