Saturday, August 6, 2011


This girl sef would not kill me. I'll call her Tana for the purpose of this post. When she started work in January she could barely converse in English language but now she's improved a lot. When she speaks Yoruba she sounds like egun (she's actually one). I like her for one thing; she takes care of my 15 months old lil woman so well that I’ve heard a lot of testimonies of her good behavior towards her. Being a working mom and the one that lives in Lagos for that matter, Tana is my lil woman’s playmate, sister amongst other things, so I wasn't surprised that "nana" ( Tana) is the next word lil woman could pronounce after "Memmy" (Mummy) and "Deddy" (Daddy).

However, my fear about this nana is that she is not schooled nor lettered, she just speaks whatever form of English that she could express herself in without worrying about its correctness or not. I pray my lil woman won't pick her bad English oh 'cos her niece that is a little above 3 years has been picking some wrong words from "nana". My lil woman’s niece mum complained to me some weeks back that "nana" had influenced her dotta's spoken English, I made light of the issue and told her right away that the nana is trying despite the fact that she's not lettered but deep down in me, I’m worried for my lil woman. To be honest nana’s pronunciation of some words like “lemove it” (remove it), “bling it” (bring it), “nothing blin my hand” (nothing is in my hand) etc gives me worry about my lil woman.
Another thing "nana" does to escape my chastisement most times is to begin to tell me about lil woman's activities of the day. She knows that no matter how tired I am, I would always love to hear anything about lil woman so when she knows she's flawed one of my orders, she's always very quick to tell me about lil woman, over time I got to know her trick and once she goes on to say " Mummy, Tofunmi o sere gan l'oni oh in egun dialect (Tofunmi played a lot today) the next thing I say is “ki la tun ri gbo oh (What is it this time?).
You know naturally kids are attracted to kiddie’s jingles on T.V, oh my “nana” knows a couple of these songs and would thrill my lil woman with songs, I don’t know if you know this Ovaltine ad Nana will go on and thrill the “whole house” by singing “I’m walking on “shoneshine” oh oh (I’m walking on sunshine oh oh), the indomie ad, the cowbell ad to mention a few. I just love this girl ‘cos she brings smile to our faces at the least expected time. God bless Nana.