Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amazing Thots: GUESS WHAT!

Amazing Thots: GUESS WHAT!: " Guess What! Amazing Thots got an award...Hurrayyyyyyy!!!So delighted when I got an alert on my phone that i had been a..."



Guess What! Amazing Thots got an award...Hurrayyyyyyy!!!
So delighted when I got an alert on my phone that i had been awarded the 'One Lovely Blog Award' by Remiroy. That's so humbling and encouraging sugar, thanks a bunch (catch my kisses).
The rules thus are:

1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award (Done)
2. I have to tell you seven facts about me you don't know (Done)
3. Pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs I have found recently (will do)
4. Notify the bloggers of their awards.
Now to the 7 facts you might not know about me:
1. I love looking good (and u know looking good costs u some good change.I know i need to work harder to live my dream)  Get me a pair hair bow & you'll make my day.
2. I can be mischievous, unassuming, and sarcastic atimes ( one bad part of me i''m seriously praying to God to help me CHANGE! Guess what, i just love ME!
3. Hypocrites disgusts me, i just can't stand them. Lies, oh arrrrggghhhhh!
4. I am FRIENDLY. (I 've got testimonies on this from several people) 
5. I just cant have enough of my daughter (before nko?)
6. I love my career but the pay isn't encouraging. ( Looking for a job in a good industry like oil and gas telecoms etc, i know you'll say the grass always greener at the other end. Keep your advice pls! (hope that doesn't sound rude, trust u know i don't mean to be rude, will share my 1st cheque with u when i get my dream job)
7. On my soft side (love or romance or whatever u choose to call it.) still on a discovery road. (even after a child you'll say, i marvel at myself atimes).
.....and now the Oscars goes to: 

Off to notify the winners.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Amazing Thots: HEALTH SERVICE WORKERS: "I really need to hear people's opinion on this, especially on our Health Service Workers, i mean the ones that administer oral polio, vitami..."


I really need to hear people's opinion on this, especially on our Health Service Workers, i mean the ones that administer oral polio, vitamin A, booster, measles etc that hawks from street to street, house to house  knocking on your door asking,  permit me to say it in their way ( e gba abere aje sara fun omo yin) "give your baby immunization.

Now to the main gist, I use a Gen. Hospital for immunization for my baby (since the private hospitals vaccines cannot be trusted) so I went to the General Hospital with my MIL and my 9 months old daughter to get her immunized against measles. On getting to the hospital, right there at the entrance we met these women usually in their green apron uniform requesting that how old is my baby, innocently i told them "she is 9 months old" since i don't think there's any issue with the question being asked, the next thing i heard is that " bring her ( now the woman was beaming with smiles) let give her oral polio and measles injection". Again i said that's why we are here at the hospital and that since we are already here there is no point in you people giving her the dosage.  In my mind i was wondering are these people alright? How on earth would  you think would i give my baby to you to give injection moreover that i am in the hospital already. I just told the woman speaking to me that "I'll be back with the baby" that she should give me some minutes. That was how we escaped oh.

Any one using a General Hospital would be quite familiar with their modus operandi i.e. how they operate, especially if you get your baby immunized there, you have to be there early enough to submit your card and wait endlessly for the Nurses to come ( Nurses at GH their gist will make another topic) and when they do, they waste your time by doing their own thing before shifting to do the"health talk" that most of the time makes no sense to me in particular because they keep repeating almost the same thing over and over again. I had to leave my daughter and MIL at the hospital to run to work when i noticed it seemed like it will take almost the whole day for the nurses to get to work, imagine everywhere was still very dry at 8:00am!

Now back to the health service workers/hawkers issue, those people can actually be a pain in the neck. Imagine oh, they went to a friend's house and actually administer their so called vaccines for my Friend's child while the mother was away at work. And to make matter worse the gullible nanny at home with the baby couldn't tell exactly the particular the thing the baby was immunized for. I happen to have gone home with my friend on the day of this incident, on getting to home (my friend's place) after the exchange of the usual welcome pleasantries the nanny then told my friend about the immunization that was administered to the son and bla bla bla... that's how my friend started raking oh, i had to in my own wisdom calm her down. In my mind i was wondering how i would have reacted if it was me, perhaps i would have gone gaga. My friend was angry at the nanny because she couldn't tell precisely the type of vaccine the baby was given. She couldn't tell if it was booster or polio. I was very angry at the nanny's negligent behaviour myself, her excuse was that she couldn't reach my friend on the phone to ask her if she should allow them give the baby the immunization  but i couldn't possibly show my own anger. I just had to console my friend that nothing would happen her baby. 

My worry now is, why would these health service workers administer immunization in the absence of the baby's mother that can give them detailed information about the health/stage of the baby. Its so annoying because they come to you in a very harmless way and persuade you to allow them give your baby their so called immunization.

Another annoying/funny incidence is the one that happened on my way to work, i was at the bus stop waiting for my bus and again i saw one of the green apron uniform women, in my mind i was laughing that these people sef, only for this woman to accost another woman taking her daughter to school and ask her" has your daughter been immunized? Na so i scatter laugh oh!