Monday, February 28, 2011

Amazing Thots: Testimony!!!

Amazing Thots: Testimony!!!: "Usually on my way to work every morning, i listen to Inspiration FM 92.3. I love the radio station so much that a day without it seems like ..."


  1. Hi thanks for coming over to my blog and welcome to blogsville. Am not a radio person, so hardly listen, but i like 93:7 fm.

  2. @IB: Thanks so much for showing love and being the first to comment, i really appreciate it. Ur blog is so interesting and quite educative too. I learnt things that i won't ordinarily be taught in the four walls of a "school". I think u should try and listen to Inspiration FM too, you would like it very inspirational as the name projects.

  3. Hi Sis, thanx 4 stopping over @ mine. I'm a fan of Classic FM 97.3, they do quite some sensible & interesting topics. Today they were on about the meaning of love & people called in with different views. I would say love is God & God is love. Love is that which makes u happy & gives u peace.