Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Guess What! Amazing Thots got an award...Hurrayyyyyyy!!!
So delighted when I got an alert on my phone that i had been awarded the 'One Lovely Blog Award' by Remiroy. That's so humbling and encouraging sugar, thanks a bunch (catch my kisses).
The rules thus are:

1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award (Done)
2. I have to tell you seven facts about me you don't know (Done)
3. Pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs I have found recently (will do)
4. Notify the bloggers of their awards.
Now to the 7 facts you might not know about me:
1. I love looking good (and u know looking good costs u some good change.I know i need to work harder to live my dream)  Get me a pair hair bow & you'll make my day.
2. I can be mischievous, unassuming, and sarcastic atimes ( one bad part of me i''m seriously praying to God to help me CHANGE! Guess what, i just love ME!
3. Hypocrites disgusts me, i just can't stand them. Lies, oh arrrrggghhhhh!
4. I am FRIENDLY. (I 've got testimonies on this from several people) 
5. I just cant have enough of my daughter (before nko?)
6. I love my career but the pay isn't encouraging. ( Looking for a job in a good industry like oil and gas telecoms etc, i know you'll say the grass always greener at the other end. Keep your advice pls! (hope that doesn't sound rude, trust u know i don't mean to be rude, will share my 1st cheque with u when i get my dream job)
7. On my soft side (love or romance or whatever u choose to call it.) still on a discovery road. (even after a child you'll say, i marvel at myself atimes).
.....and now the Oscars goes to: 

Off to notify the winners.


  1. It's a pleasure knowing you more..yea! you are friendly, that i have sensed from your comments..no like wahala, like me..hehhee..ok o, i don keep my advice to myself..but still remember to share your 1st cheque with me o..abi you go give am to church as your firstfruit chei..hahahhaa.

  2. aww..i luv friendly people! i'm not very friendly though..i'm very reserved and chilled so u wont see me going outta my way to make friends lol
    so nigerian lawyers are broke ba?..and to think i was considering going back home 2 practice law,lol

  3. Congrats on your awards, and it's nice to know more about you. Romance is sweet, never loose it o. And goodluck with the job search, and don't forget what you promised. LOL...

  4. Thanks for the award and dropping by my blog. As you can see, I have already responded.
    Nice knowing you more.
    We are all looking for oil and Gas jobs o, who doesn't want to be comfortable? If you get, please show me the way.

  5. @NG:Don't worry about the 1st cheque, i keep my promises, i'll blog your share. As per giving to church that one na sure banker oh i'll give my tithes so i can get more pay. Abegi enof of that talk jare,(make i get the job first) do enjoy your day!

  6. Hi sis, congrats on ur award. I luv to look good too (which woman no like am?) but for time & financial constraints. Anyways, tins go beta sha.

  7. @Kitkat: babe, u don't have to go out of your way to make friends jare, so fat its not pride or forming class, temperaments differs oh i'm a core sanguine mixed with melancholy. As per coming back to naija to practise law, u need your strong contacts/connections to get a best place to practise oh 'cos we have quite a few ones doing so well but ultimately sha na God. Come home babe no shakement Jah has got your back. Will certainly check your blog out. Cheers!

  8. @MW: On romance for me it can only get berra. Pray harder for me on the job search oh sis and i'll blog your share of the pay as promised. Have a great day.

  9. @ilola: Let get into fasting and prayer session oh so this oil & gas job go come or how u see am? lol! Thanks for the follow up.

  10. @realworld: Amen oh sis. How are urs?